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BC Electric Bike Rebate Program

Income-qualified rebates for residents of BC

Effective June 1, 2023, BC residents were able to apply for a rebate for a new electric bike. Basing the rebate amount on income made e-bikes a clean transportation choice more affordable for everyone. The 2023 program is now fully subscribed and we do not have confirmation of a 2024 program yet. If confirmed, the website will be updated accordingly.

This program supports the Province’s CleanBC goals by encouraging a mode shift towards active transportation and public transit. E-bikes greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and offer a convenient alternative to replacing motor vehicle trips. E-bikes provide greater speed, convenience, and accessibility than non-assisted pedal bicycles.

This program does not require a scrap vehicle.

This Electric Bike Rebate Program is part of the SCRAP-IT family of environmental programs.