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Income Qualification Documents

What documents do I need to submit for Income Qualification?

The information on the page applies to the 2023 program only and is subject to change if a 2024 program is funded.

It’s easy! Simply download a copy of your 2023 CRA Notice of Assessment (pdf) and submit it with your application. You may already have an electronic copy of this stored on your computer. Or you can scan a copy into pdf format if you received it by mail.

Revenue Canada issued Notice of Assessment

You can follow this link to log-in and download a copy.

What does a Revenue Canada Notice of Assessment look like?

Proper Notice of Assessment

When you apply to our program, you will provide us with your net income. That number can be found (typically on page 2), line 23600.

The number of pages your document has depends on your browser, and setting such as your default viewing font and so on. Therefore it may look slightly different but will contain all the same information.

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