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Program Policies

The 2023 e-bike rebate program is fully subscribed. Waitlist applicants will be notified if/when a rebate becomes available.

All Applicants to the Electric Bike Rebate Program will be required to agree with the policies on this page. Please make sure you have read, understood and agree with the following before completing your application.

SCRAP-IT® is a not-for-profit society who delivers clean transportation programs throughout Western Canada. Some of the Programs offer monetary rebates to individuals to facilitate the transition to cleaner forms of transportation. This Electric Bike Rebate Program is one of these programs.

Policy Exceptions
  • No exceptions to these policies will be considered regardless of the circumstances.
Program Requirements
  • This program is available to residents of BC only.
  • Applicants must be 19 years of age, or older (BC Age of Majority Act)
  • You must purchase the electric bike from a Participating Electric Bike Retailer
  • E-bikes cannot be returned for a refund, please make sure your decision to purchase is final (see the Participating Retailers section below).
  • The minimum purchase price of the e-bike is $2,000 before taxes.
  • All recipients of a rebate must agree to keep the e-bike in their possession for a minimum of 2 years.
  • E-bikes cannot be purchased prior to receipt of an approval email.
  • The rebates are limited to 1 per person.
Income Qualification
  • All applicants must submit the required documentation to confirm net income in the application process.
  • All documents will be verified for authenticity. Please ensure you submit accurate information or you may lose your entitlement to a rebate.
  • Income levels are based on LICO information obtained from Statistics Canada, as such, the levels used for this program may change from year to year.
  • Income levels will be administered as stated on our What is My Rebate? page without exception. The rebate you will receive will be based on your net income as reported on your Notice of Assessment even if it “close” to the higher level of rebate. For example, if your NOA states that your net income is $38,951.50 you will qualify for the $1,000 rebate. If your NOA states that your net income is $51,131.50 you will qualify for $350. No exceptions will be made to this policy regardless of how close your net income may be to the next higher rebate level.
Notice of Assessment Shows BC Taxes
  • If you are a resident of BC but earned your income elsewhere (left Canada temporarily), you still have to file a Canadian federal income tax return and therefore must submit a copy of your NOA for either of the tax years specified.
  • If you are a resident of BC your Notice of Assessment will show on (Line 428) Net British Columbia Tax. If you are not a resident of BC, this line will not be on your NOA and you will not qualify for a rebate from this program.
  • You may NOT purchase an e-bike prior to receiving an approval email. Claims for e-bikes purchased prior to an approval date will not be processed.

  • Waitlist applicants have received an email outlining the policies and directing them to read the FAQs for Waitlist Applicants.

  • All waitlist applicants must follow the 4 Easy Steps including the requirement to receive an approval email PRIOR to purchasing the e-bike.
Purchasing Your E-Bike at a Participating Retailer
  • Customers must purchase new e-bikes from a Participating Electric Bike Retailer.
  • You cannot purchase your e-bike from Costco, Best Buy, Canadian Tire, Amazon, and others who are not our Participating Retailers list. If you do, you will not be approved for a rebate.
  • All electric bike retailers who can enforce our no return policies in BC are welcome to become a Participating Electric Bike Retailer with our program. Use our Contact Us page to request the sign-up link.
  • Participating Retailers cannot accept returns, and will not provide a customer with a cash, or other type of refund (debit/credit/gift card/merchandise) and understand that the e-bike may only be exchanged for another e-bike of equal value (same cost) or higher.
  • The minimum purchase price of the e-bike is $2,000 before taxes.
  • The minimum purchase price is for the e-bike only and not for the combination of an e-bike, plus helmet, plus water bottle, or any other accessory.
  • You can include upgrades to fundamental parts of the e-bike in the $2,000 total cost, such as upgraded: batteries, seats, tires, etc. as they are not “accessories” they are parts required for operation. Accessories include: helmets, gloves, water bottles & holders, horns/bells, lights, cargo kits, and so forth. Accessories are items that are not fundamental to the operation of the e-bike.
  • You must purchase a new e-bike. You cannot purchase a used e-bike from either a Participating Electric Bike Retailer or privately.
  • You may purchase demo e-bikes provided that demo e-bike has never been owned by anyone else (in-store floor model/demo only).
  • You cannot purchase your e-bike until you receive your e-mail approval letter from us. You do not have a guarantee from us that you will receive a rebate until you have an Email Approval. If you purchase an e-bike before receiving that approval, we will not be obligated to provide you with a rebate.
  • Retailers are (should be aware) that PST (provincial sales tax) is not applicable to e-bikes purchased in BC.
  • You may purchase an e-bikes on store-based payment plan.
  • The name on your store printed receipt MUST MATCH the name on your application. Even if a friend/mother/uncle is purchasing the e-bike for you, your name must still be on the store printed receipt and/or online purchase email. The POS terminal receipt does not show a customer name, if your friend/mother/uncle purchased the e-bike, they would be the one using the credit card with the POS terminal. There is no reason why the store printed receipt and/or online purchase email would not be in your name.
Claim Your Rebate
  • Our service standard for processing complete claims is 14 business days. It may take an addition 2-3 business days for your rebate to arrive in your bank account (depending on your financial institution).
  • Claim processing time depends on us receiving the correct bank account information from you in the application AND a complete claim from you, in other words, you have submitted all the required documentation.
  • Do not under any circumstances claim your rebate until you have taken delivery of the electric bike (meaning, you have taken your new e-bike home).
  • We do not reimburse retailers on your behalf. Please ensure you can afford the initial purchase. Claim processing times are noted above if you’re planning on using a credit card.
  • You must submit two receipts, to see examples of these documents, please click here.
  • If you purchase an e-bike online, the e-bike must be shipped to your address in your application.
  • The receipts can be scans or photographs of the originals. Upload receipts when you complete your claim.
  • All receipts will be double-checked to ensure compliance with all of our program policies.
  • All instances of fraudulent activities will be reported to local authorities.
  • We do not provide rebates for regular (non-electric) bicycles.
  • The rebate cannot be used towards accessories, conversion kits, or gift cards.
  • Returns/refunds are not allowed. You cannot purchase then return an electric bike to the participating retailer for a cash refund or gift card refund. Please ensure your decision to purchase an electric bike is final.
  • Rebates are not taxable (you don’t have to treat a rebate as taxable income).
Rebate Stacking
  • We are not currently aware of any other similar offer for residents of BC. If your city or municipality offers a separate electric bike rebate, please contact us to confirm whether or not the rebates can be stacked.
  • This program does not accept applications from or on behalf of businesses.
  • Notice of Assessments must be for individuals, and not for a corporation, partnership or any other business type.
  • For other types of rebates available to businesses, see the SUVI section below.
Specialty Use Vehicle Incentives (SUVI)
  • If you are a BC Business license holder and are looking for an electric cargo bike (or other electric vehicles typically used by a business), please visit the SUVI – Specialty Use Vehicle Program for details.
  • Please note, rebates between this BC E-Bike Rebate Program and the SUVI are not stackable.
Privacy Policy
  • All applicants must understand that by agreeing with the program policies outlined on this page, you are also agreeing with our Privacy Policy.