Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible for this rebate?
Every resident of BC who is 19 years of age or older (reference the BC Age of Majority Act).

Is there a household limit?
No. Everyone who is of 19 years of age or older, and can provide proof of income with a CRA issued Notice of Assessment, can apply for an electric bike rebate.


What is the process?
Visit our 4 easy steps page for details.

Why do I have to apply and get approved first?
The approval process confirms that you meet the income requirement for the rebate, tracks the rebate expenditures for the program, and holds the funds for you for 30 days while you shop for your new e-bike. Once you are approved, you are guaranteed a rebate (provided you follow the remaining steps and submit a valid and complete claim).

How long do I have to purchase an e-bike?
Once you have been approved, you have 30 days to purchase your electric bike from a participating bike retailer, and claim your rebate. If you have not completed this process within 30 days you may lose your entitlement to a rebate.

How do I claim my rebate?
Come back to our website, visit the (Claim Link will be live June 1), complete the form and upload the required documents. Click submit and we’ll do the rest. If you have submitted complete claim documentation, you should get your EFT in about 2 weeks. Credit Unions can take approximately 2 business days longer.


How much funding is available and when will it run out?
The total program budget is $6.5M and rebates will be offered until March 31, 2024 or until funds are fully expended.

How are you issuing the rebates?
Rebates will be issued on a first-come-first-served basis.

Is there a minimum retail purchase price?
Yes. The minimum retail purchase price of the electric bicycle that qualifies for the rebate is $2,000 (two thousand dollars) before taxes.

Can I return an electric bike to the store and get a refund?
No. You cannot return an electric bike to the participating retailer for refund. Please ensure your decision to purchase an electric bike (including the make/model/type/colour, etc.) is final.

When do I claim the electric bike rebate?
When you get the bike. Do not under any circumstances claim your rebate until you have taken delivery of the electric bike. For example, if the retailer has placed an order that will not be delivered for 30 days do not claim your rebate until the electric bike is ready to be picked up. You must have the proper documents from the participating retailer in order to complete your claim.

Can I use the rebate towards the purchase of an electric bike AND accessories?
No. The rebate can only be applied towards the cost of the electric bike. It cannot be applied towards the cost of accessories.

Can this rebate be stacked with other rebates?
We are not currently aware of another rebate program for electric bikes in BC.

I used the SCRAP-IT program to get an e-bike rebate. Can I apply to this program as well?
Yes, if you already scrapped a vehicle for a prior e-bike rebate, you can apply to this program for another rebate for a new (different) e-bike. You cannot apply for a second rebate for the same e-bike.

Can I also access the BC SUVI cargo e-bike rebate?
Maybe. The BC SUVI rebate is for cargo e-bikes. Applicants to SUVI must have a BC Business License. Cargo E-Bikes are specifically used for commercial/business/institutional fleet use. The SUVI program is not an income-qualified program. If you plan to purchase a cargo e-bike for any of these types of uses, you can apply to thier program. You cannot get a BC SUVI rebate for a regular e-bike used for personal transportation.


Are conversion kits included? In other words if I already own a bike, and want to only buy a conversion kit to make it into an electric bike.
No. You must purchase an e-bike with the motor already attached.

Can I buy a used electric bike?
No. The electric bike must be purchased new, from a participating retailer.

Can I buy an electric bike from a company that is not listed on your website as a program partner? There are cheaper bicycles available in the U.S. even with the dollar conversion.
No. All electric bikes must be purchased from a Participating Electric Bike Retailer. These retailers are BC-based businesses and this program was designed to support BC-based business.

Can I buy a bike online or does it have to be from the list of qualifying retailers?
We encourage you to support BC-based businesses. You can purchase an e-bike online from any of the bc-based participating retailers who offer it. They are on the list because they have a BC-based business license. Don’t forget, if you purchase your e-bike in BC you will not have to pay PST.

Is buying an e-bike online different?
Yes. Many e-bikes purchased online come unassembled (vs. ready-to-ride). You will need to have the tools and knowledge required to assemble it. Also, depending on the brand, you may or may not be able to find a local retailer who can service the e-bike if that was ever required. Most local retailers sell and service particular brands. Some may not provide an assembly service for a brand they don’t carry, alternatively some may charge for assembly service (regardless of whether or not they carry the brand). These additional assembly costs cannot be included in the rebate.

I already own an electric bike can I use the rebate money to buy accessories for it?

Are the following included in the electric bike option? Vespa, Moped or other types of motor scooters or motorcycles.
No. If they are gas-fueled vehicles they are not an electric bike. See our Electric Bike Definition page for details.

Who runs the Electric Bike Rebate Program?
SCRAP-IT Society, a not-for-profit independent society which relies on private funding, grants and contributions from a variety of sources, our own treasury, as well as program partners in order to offer clean transportation programs to customers. Our official name is SCRAP-IT Society we are registered in the provinces of BC and Alberta, “doing business as” SCRAP-IT®.